Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Because sometimes you need a little treat...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Because we all know what happens when we ASSUME...!!

My friend Cam, in his
natural habitat.
A friend from my high school years – who I haven’t seen in AGES (maybe since high school?!) posted the following on Facebook:
Out of sheer curiosity, I just checked my personal Facebook profile; and it revealed that I have 1,520 Friends on here. I am thankful for, and love, each one of you. Of those 1,520 people, I know that MANY have found your peace with the Lord Jesus Christ. Are there any who haven't? Are there any who need someone to speak with you about it? If so, PLEASE message me. There is NOTHING in this world I'd rather do than share the Gospel with you!

To my shame, my first thought was this: "How does HE have more friends on Facebook than I do? I mean, seriously - he has WAY more than my measly 845!" So… moving right along… My second thought was … that – in a very nice, unblustery way, he had said something that I want people to know about me… but I don’t necessarily want to come out and SAY it… probably because I'm afraid I won't sound nice or unblustery. I tend to stick to communicating such things in written form, so folks can choose to click or not to click...

Bryan Berghoef, author of
Pub Theology, in HIS
natural habitat.
Anyway, this guy is a Baptist minister, so people would EXPECT him to say this kind of thing. But I’m just a regular joe – so I tend to assume that people would rather NOT hear about that stuff… that this part of me makes them a little uncomfortable… that they’re mostly hoping it won’t come up. And generally, it doesn’t. I might mention in normal conversation that I was at church this morning… or something like that… nothing purposeful, just informational, doncha know. I guess I shouldn’t assume, though. You know what they say happens when we ASSUME!!! And, honestly, I don’t mind so much being made an ass of, but I don’t want that to happen to YOU…!

Bryan's book
Another thing I’m thinking about is this story told by the pastor at our church, about his own mom. Here is the actual audio of the sermon (if this works...?!) Drag the slider over to 39:20, and you’ll hear the story. The gist of it is, when someone finally told her the gospel when she was in her 20s, she was, like, “Why didn’t anyone TELL me this before???!!!” So while I think the odds are likely that people are thinking “keep it to yourself, Jesus freak”… there could be the off-chance that there is a person out there that is jonesing for the living, loving word of God. 

Yours for the askin'!
And if that person is you – or even if you’re just mildly interested in a spiritually-tinged conversation… then, by all means, pull up a chair! Have a beer! Let’s talk gospel! There’s actually a thing called pub theology where people get together at a bar and have a no-holds barred-discussion about the Almighty. I always wanted to attend or even host one of these things, but, well… not with this crazy schedule of mine! That said, if you want to talk, I’ll MAKE time… with or without the frosty mug. 

Pull up a chair!
Have a beer! Let's talk!
Because Cam (that’s my friend’s name) and I might SEEM pretty different – scrolling through his Facebook profile, I see a guy who’s fond of country music, digs Disney’s animated offerings, and, well... is a Baptist minister in a small tobacco town… while my tastes run to edgier music and films, and I’m a freelance graphic designer – a pew jockey at a non-denominational church in a funky, liberal college town. But the truth is, we’re as alike about this one thing as two peas in a pod – our desire to give you (or at least discuss) the keys to the Kingdom… you just have to ask!