Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have some other, random thoughts about my trip to South Carolina and Savannah GA, that I will share with you now:

1. I had forgotten what it was like to travel only with my husband (as opposed to family trips). Forget the sensible snacks that I pack for Bill – raisins, crackers, nuts – no, if it’s just us, we stop for cookies! Nice. Tom also likes to stop at Target sometimes when we spot one from the highway. I am always up for this. 

In addition, when we travel, I usually have to keep Bill talking and telling stories so he won’t get car sick. Instead, we listened to the BBC world news and an interesting audiobook about George Washington, who was, according to this book, kind of a climber.

Savannah, GA – part lady...
2. South of the Border – what’s up with THAT?! Trivia fact: One side of my family is descended from a man named McKellar who at one time owned the land SOTB is built on. I’m not proud of the fact that he is said to have terrorized the Native American population of the area. I apologize now for my ancestor.

3. On the way down a trucker honked at us. It took us both a few minutes to figure out why... He was actually expressing his approval of my legs, as I was wearing a short skirt and sitting with my feet up on the dashboard. It’s been a while since a dude whistled or committed a similar act of flattery towards me. It sort of made my day!
... part tramp.

4. Savannah is part Spanish-moss-draped, elegant Southern lady – with her gardens and stately mansions, part trashy tourist trap (or “tramp” if we’re going to continue the city-as-a-female theme)... lots of stores selling salt-water taffy and silly t-shirts that say stuff like, “I like to put ketchup on my ketchup” and “Does this shirt make me look drunk?”

5. I couldn’t walk by the Mercer Williams House in Savannah without drawling, “Libation?” like Kevin Spacey does in the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil movie.

Kevin Spacey with a
libation in Midnight in
the Garden
6. It was an hour wait when we checked, to eat at The Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah... We declined, but peeked in the window at the buffet. It looked not unlike the steam table at K&W.

7. The Hilton Head area must have even stricter signage regulations than Chapel Hill...! The highway boasted all the popular joints: Subway, Target, KFC, McDonald’s... but you could barely distinguish them from one another, with their uniformly tasteful sand-colored signs.

The Mercer Williams House
8. At the various wedding festivities, the bride and groom had stamped their brand on everything: napkins, water bottle labels, beer coozies, gift bags, hand towels in the powder rooms, souvenir cookie tins... They had so many printed pieces proclaiming their union, and helping guests navigate the weekend, that I wondered, “As a graphic designer, how can I get a piece of this action?” Know any wedding planners you could hook me up with?

People will wait for hours to eat
at Paula Deen's restaurant.
9. The guest book was a printed book of photos – professionally taken couple/engagement/bridal photos, and also vintage shots of the bride and groom – with space for people to sign and write notes. I could really use a lead on that kind of market, too! I’d be glad to put together photo books for people. I made one for my mom’s 80th birthday last year and it was a BIG hit.

10. I can’t think of a 10th point right now – I’m sure I will after I’ve posted. I wrote some things down in my notes, but now have no idea what they mean! Why did I write, “McDonald’s” and “magazine”? I guess you’ll never know.

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  1. The whole time we were at SOTB to use the restrooms, I kept telling the kids, who were toddlers at the time, "don't touch anything! eek! don't get too close"
    It was really icky... so pretty from the road, so scary from up close...
    Glad you had such a fun long strange trip. :)