Monday, June 2, 2014

The Outakes

It's no secret that I love babies. I'm sure I creep out perfect strangers with the attention I pay their sweet little cherubs. Babies are the best. If you put a photo of a baby on Facebook I will most certainly "Like" it. And I loved this completely hilarious collection of terrible baby photos.

When I saw these I laughed and laughed. Most of the photos of babies and kids people post on FB are of beautiful wide-eyed perfect pink-lipped cupids. I am guilty of this too, but the truth is that not every photo you take of your baby is going to be fantastic. That said, once I resolved to share with you some of the more hilarious "bad" pics of Bill with you, I started scrolling through our huge library of pics of nothing but our baby, and 95% OF THEM were nothing less than cherubic. Our kid is super photogenic, and super cute. Not that I'm biased or anything, but most of his pics are at least as beautiful as this:

Anyway, while he is a supermodel in most photos, there are a few bloopers... and here are some of ours, in no particular order (and let it be noted that I got tired of looking through the gazillion photos at around the 2008 mark):

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