Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to my Salon

Jesus washed his friends' feet
The other day I was giving what little attention I have to my Bible reading, I read about how in the Old Testament about how every single time the priests had to go into the Tabernacle to serve, they had to wash their hands and feet. Well, I had just been writing about our church’s Maundy Thursday service - where we remember what they call the Last Supper. Part of John’s description of this event involves Jesus washing his friends’ feet. 

Now, this sweet incident just shows how sweet Jesus was, how much he loved his friends, and, mostly, how His ministry (and theirs) was to be one of service, not power in the traditional sense. But having these things together in my mind led me to wonder whether The “foot-washing” was also a symbolic gesture of preparing his disciples to the ministry that they would go on to do - that is, spreading the good news about Jesus throughout the world. Since I had never thought of it this way, or heard any one say it, I felt the need to consult the wider world... of people who know a lot more than me about the Bible.

Beatniks at a coffee house
Well, in the old days, I would have brought it to my Bible study group, but being a mom has sucked up any time I would have for those kind of luxuries, so instead, I let it be known on Facebook that I had a Bible question. I received a very nice response from an array of people who were either just curious about my question or eager to help, or both... it was nice to know that people are interested in these kinds of discussions. Because I know I am... when I’m not making ads, making PBJs or getting squirrels out of the attic, that is.

The responses were as mixed as the answerers – some people thought definitely not, while some people thought maybe so... But in the end, having the answer was not as precious to me as the discussion itself. The Bible is a fascinating book, to say the least, and I love chewing over the text with others. I do miss the intense study I used to do when my time was wide open, but I miss more the interaction over it with people. Just like I miss going to clubs and hearing live music, but even more I miss the intense, late night-into morning talks among like-minded music lovers that often followed.

French people at a literary salon
This lovely product of my inquisitive brain – this discussion – reminded me of a crazy dream of mine from my youth. I’ve always wanted to have a place where people could come and hang out – sort of a cross between a house church, a coffeehouse and a salon – not a hair cuttery, but a literary gathering like they used to have in France a while back... A place where authentic life, art and Scripture meet... where for people can talk about whatever is on their minds, even if it’s really weird or embarrassing... without feeling weird or embarrassed. The salon part would be ... well, I’d love to have music, drama, performance art, visual art, films... but mostly, we’d have what the old folks call “fellowship.”

It’s a crazy idea, I know, but ... but not altogether unattractive – am I right? I guess I’ve been making a feeble attempt to “discuss” some of these things through the blog, but it’s really just me telling you stuff. I would love to hear your take on almost anything, and every so often someone will speak up, but not nearly as often as I’d like. The blog forum seriously lacks the fellowship element, for the most part. Maybe I should ask more questions? One blogger I know, occasionally ask questions on Facebook to accompany her posts. It serves to draw people in to the discussion, which is a step in the right direction...

But really, when it comes down to it, I’d much rather be sitting with you on a comfy couch with a couple of cups of coffee between us, some low music in the background and dim lighting... the operative word being “with you.” The other stuff is just for atmosphere. Although... there’s something about being in a relaxing place – out of the house – that calls to me... “Take a load off! Set aside your cares and chores and enjoy some coffee, art and meaningful conversation!” 

At this point in my life, this mythical place is obviously just a lovely dream.... And in the meantime, you have a standing invitation to join me in the coffeehouse in my mind... the salon that is this blog. Get yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and get philosophical with me. 

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