Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let Me Hold Your Baby!!!

I miss this Bill...

A couple of good friends of mine just became grandparents. Okay, so they are just people I mainly communicate with via email and Facebook, but I WISH they were good everyday, in-person friends of mine as well...! Anyway, it is starting to become real to me that I am actually old enough to be a grandparent. 

It began to dawn on me slowly when I started seeing high school classmates on Facebook showing off their grandchildren, but I guess it didn’t really register until this couple – who are actually a year younger than I am – had offspring that had offspring. It just didn’t seem right – I mean, in my mind’s eye, grandparents look like Estelle Getty and Wilford Brimley, right? And in my mind's eye, I look like Helena Bonham Carter! I should also say that the couple I'm referring to look nothing like Estelle and Wilford!

...even though I love this Bill
beyond imagining.
I guess it doesn’t help my sense of reality that my own child is only eight... meaning that I may be 70 before I get a grandbundle-of-joy. And, although, I wouldn't wish Bill to rush into anything, I am bummed about that. That’s my second point.

My first point: I am finally starting to realize that I am old enough to have grandchildren.  Second point: I am jealous of my friends who have them. Because Lord knows I love babies. Love’m like candy. Want to wear a perfume called “Baby Head Smell”... Want to hold’em and snuggle’m and bounce’m on my knees.

What’s weird is that before I started growing my own wee one inside me, I was one of those people who didn’t want kids, couldn’t relate to kids - even avoided kids if I could. If I had to be in the vicinity of a baby I would address her or him with a nervous, “How’s it going?” But a zygote forming inside me sort of flipped some kind of switch in my brain and I was suddenly all aboard the baby train. Now when I see them I go all mushy. 

This guy wants to eat your baby.
I just want to hold him/her a while.
When I see a baby – even on TV, I get all nostalgic for Bill’s sweet infant stage. Don’t get me wrong, right now Bill is AWESOME – smart and creative and fun and affectionate. Tom especially loves the more sentient Bill. He has a partner in crime, now. But there’s just something about a tiny little suckling babe... I can truly see why my mom had so many. Too bad I got such a late start!

Biologically, I could certainly pop out a kid – even now. Well, at my age it might be more of an ooze than a pop... but I could do it – no problem. In theory, anyway. But when I think about how tiring it would be – the sleepless nights, the crying, the nursing, the worrying... my mind sort of shuts down. Or I come to my senses – whatever you want to call it!

So now that the mother in me is fully awake, but has no mewling infant to put to her breast, the next thing I need is a grandchild, right? Maybe in 20 years. In the meantime, if you have a baby or a grandbaby i could hold, I’d be over the moon if I could hold him or her for a while!

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