Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Really Good Day... Just a Paragraph

Okay, so yesterday I was sitting there at Bill's guitar lesson – he's been taking for about a year, and is coming along okay, but not a prodigy or anything. I was trying to work out in the hallway there, and sort of half listening to him go through his lesson. He wraps up the stuff he's been working on then I hear them start fiddling around on a new song... Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. I stick out my tongue and make that Ronnie James Dio hand signal*... and then the really good teacher, Jim McConnell, says, "Okay, here's where you play what they call 'power chords.' " And he proceeds to teach this vital technique to my nine-year-old son. I gotta say, for a rock-and-roll lovin' mom like me, that was a really good day.

*I know this is widely assumed to be devil horns, but Dio claimed that he got it from his Italian grandmother, who used it to ward off evil. I'm going with this interpretation!

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