Monday, May 11, 2015

Father Dark, a book review

Men in kilts... yes, please!
Occasionally I do book reviews. I’m not great at it, but I do love to read, and I do love to opine. But I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes the books are just crap. And… more often, the books are really good. But, honestly, even if a book is good, even if I’m reading it with relish, most times I’d just rather be reading what I really love.

Now I have in no way been shy about my “literature” preferences. And I use quote marks because… well, I’m not sure that a lot of what I read could be called literature… For your reference, you can go here where I’ve confessed to a fascination with time travel/men in kilts and that genre of “literature” (again with the quotes!) and here where I reveal that I am a sucker for vampires. 

I have no idea why I love this stuff – it just pulls me in and doesn’t let go. And there are well-written examples as well as (often) poorly edited, self-published drivel, which I read nonetheless. For a fix, doncha know.

Wings of Desire
And all this is to say, I recently had the fabulous experience of plowing through, inhaling, devouring a review book without once having that “when will this be over so I can read some fantasy?” feeling. Because … well, the review book, Father Dark by Stephen L. Case, plunged my imagination deep into a darkly humorous – yet touching – urban fantasy that turned all my knobs just the right way. To eleven.

See, it’s an engaging, well-written yarn about an angel who is assigned a job in which he takes on the persona of an Episcopal priest in an inner city church… and then he proceeds to… well, let’s just say he Takes Care of Business. It’s like … Wings of Desire meets… I don’t know, something with vengeance and mauling… and priests. It’s awesome.

And, really, that about sums it up: Angels. Priests. Vengeance. Mauling. Oh – and a big reveal that will make your heart sing.

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