Monday, October 10, 2011


AAAAHHHH! Busted!!! Yesterday our pastor said we must stop living as if it is all about us. As if we are constantly looking in mirrors measuring how we are... He was actually talking about the church working together in love and unity, in which case it makes perfect sense... like... how can we get anything done if everyone is thinking, “this is all about ME...”? Nonetheless, it made me a little paranoid... Is this blog actually me just doing a lot of navel-gazing... as if it’s all about me? I really hope not... 

See? I have a LOT of
hairs... but He still knows
EXACTLY how many...
I hope rather that in telling my story (see yesterday’s post), I am really trying to describe one little piece of God’s work in the world... It’s a tiny part of HIS story – how He works with His people one-on-one to accomplish His purposes. When you read my story, I hope that you’re not really looking just at me – I mean, I’m sort of crazy, right?! I hope that instead you are noticing the greatness of God shining through that story of a lost girl who got found... I hope you’ll see how much love God has for each person... the little and big things God did for just one of them in that story... and how relevant God is to the life of every ordinary individual.

Even now, He's
tracking down every
single sheep...
God is not just a concept but a personal Being, who loves us all individually, and this is obvious in personal stories - told by regular people. We can see how involved the great God of the universe is with each tiny human. Jesus told the story of the woman who had lost one of 100 coins and busted her hump to find it... and the story of the shepherd who looked and looked to find one lost sheep out of his herd of 100. In these stories, the woman and the shepherd don’t just say to themselves, “That’s okay, I’m moving on... I have 99 others.” No, each item is valuable to them, and worth combing the floor/hills for until found. In the same way, the One who made the universe knows how many hairs are on each person’s head. And in my case, that’s saying something!

God’s plans are huge - they involve the whole world... every people and nation on earth, as it were... but not just people as a whole, but each individual unit. And while the whole of the beautiful story of God’s creative plan for salvation is not about me, it actually kind of is. And I have to live with myself day in and day out, so ... how it applies to me is kind of on my mind! And I am hoping that while I continue to tell my stories and work things out, you might see that I’m really telling stories about God... because He’s about everybody. 

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