Tuesday, October 11, 2011

May Not Be Confused With Other Offers

In my job as a graphic designer, I make a LOT of coupons. And if you’re familiar with coupons at all, you know that they have to have disclaimers. Well, I guess they don’t HAVE to have them, but if they don’t, the business offering the discount could end up giving away much more than they bargained for. Like, if they don’t put an expiration date, they could be offering the coupon throughout eternity. Or if they don’t put “lesser or equal value” they could have people trying to get a free steak when they order a sandwich. Or if they don’t put “Limit one per coupon” they could have people trying to buy them out at a discounted price.

Well, I’m not selling anything here, but I do feel sometimes that I should put a disclaimer. I mean, I’m just a human being – I don’t know what I’m talking about...! So, from here on out, when you read anything posted here, imagine there is an asterisk beside it that refers to the following disclaimer.

Five Guys fries: blog fuel
*Bigmouth Strikes Again is not a licensed therapist or Biblical scholar. Any observation or advice contained herein is based solely on personal experience and the reflections of a brain addled by previous starvation, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, caffeine, french fries, motherhood, perimenopause... but also, copious amounts of grace. 

This blog is not to be used as an instruction manual. Thoughts expressed are solely for the writer’s own entertainment, the potential entertainment of the reader, and also the glory of God (where applicable.) Any truth that leaks in is purely a gift from aforementioned God (the party of the First Part.) Reader should weigh the information presented in his or her own heart. Any questions generated by blog will be carefully considered and thoughtfully answered. Blog may be shared and/or forwarded at the discretion of the reader. Blog writer is not responsible for any insult or injury that may or may not be inferred or caused by the statements made in this blog. Expires when forgotten, but may be reread at any time. Batteries not included.