Friday, October 21, 2011

Because I Felt Like It, Okay?

I never know what I’m going to say when I sit down to write a new post... I might or might not have an overall topic in mind. It might just be half a topic. I may start something I think will be a really good one to chew over, then it turns out being so “bleh” that I scrap it.

For instance, I'm always thinking about doing one about how much I love hymns... but then when I get into it, it sounds as drab as some people think hymns sound. But I say to those people: What if those same songs were played on a guitar, with an awesome singer singing them? Like this old hymn recorded by David Johansen in honor of his friend Arthur Kane... Or this one recorded by Van Morrison...  

Gillian Welch loves her some hymns...
but this post isn't about hymns.
But I’m not here to push hymns on anyone – even though they are GREAT... and even though they might have been the text of Gillian Welch's salvation... Anyway, I don’t really know why I’m writing on this particular day. Just to say hi and thanks for reading? Or, as the Presbyterians say, to glorify God and enjoy him forever? 

I don’t know. Just... it’s Friday and I felt like connecting with y'all while I sit here waiting for all my peeps to come home... my hilarious, brilliant, giant husband (6’2”, which to me, is giant), my amazing, surprising, miracle of a son, and my great, gracious friend Grace, who is bringing me a mini-bottle of Scotch to glug before dinner, thank you very much.

Friday = Pizza Night
At our house Friday is pizza night. Grace always shares our Costco pizza, I have a beer or a hard cider and Bill gets to eat chocolate. Needless to say, things can get a little wild! Mostly, it’s just Bill, though, jumping around like a cricket and singing songs he makes up – nearly always containing words that amuse little boys like, “butt,” “stinky,” “fart,” and/or “doodoo.” And the old people – well, we’re just sitting around watching him like a fascinating interactive movie. 

Occasionally we have a guest star – a visiting relative or friend, but mostly we’re a tight little group at our Friday gatherings. It feels almost like a holiday to me... One of the things I love about my husband is that he really loves holidays. He totally knows how to celebrate... Christmas in his world is a full blown extravaganza. Our house is full of decorations and gifts and eggnog from Thanksgiving to Three Kings day. In our home growing up, birthdays were sometimes recognized, sometimes not. But in OUR home now, birthdays are elaborate affairs with multiple cakes, a cascade of presents, and fancy dinners out. 

Canadian band Loverboy – these guys are working
for the weekend... but isn't everybody?
So, of course, in our little family, Fridays have taken on sort of a holiday-like quality... with our own traditions and rituals. Well, I guess we don’t have any rituals unless you count the blessing before dinner... Maybe it’s sort of a mellow ceremony to usher in the weekend — a glorious land where we sleep late and eat out and enjoy each other’s company. Anyway, that’s what I’m waiting for right now... my people... and our rite of passage into the bliss of the weekend.

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