Monday, July 11, 2011

Insane in the Membrane

So, I saw the "Tree of Life" movie with my husband yesterday, and ...  well, it was very... interesting. If you go to the movies expecting a clear story, resolution and easily interpreted theme, I would probably recommend a different film for you. It was a disjointed collage of nature footage - the cosmos, volcanoes, cells, dinosaurs - interspersed with the story of a family of three boys growing up in the sixties with their strict father and dreamy mother, and whispered prayers. I won't review it here, as others are way more qualified than I am to do this, but I will say I am surprised that some viewers have so disliked it. 

It was sad and beautiful and sweet and plaintive... and it reminded me of nothing so much as my own mind - a crazy mixture of what's happening now, memories, prayers, joys, complaints... If you have been reading my writing, you know how convoluted my mind can be, and let me tell you - what I post is the organized, edited version.

Were I to actually write out what my mind is doing, it would look more like this:
"I don't know how good this blog post is going to be - good thing people probably won't read it. But what if they did? I hope they like it - or at least don't hate it. I wish I could figure out how to wrap text around the photo. Wow it's getting cloudy out. I hope it rains - our yard is crispy. The crepe myrtle tree looks good, though. I love crepe myrtle trees. The white ones especially. I can't believe I get to have one in my yard.

Dag, I've got a headache. What's up with that? I wonder if we have any advil? I'll get some when I get bread today. Can't have tomato sandwiches without bread. Summer tomatoes are soooo good. The tomatoes my dad grew were the best - the cucumbers too. Can't say I miss the squash overmuch though. I hated working in that garden... My dad was great, but he could be demanding. That's a really good song. Wonder why Bryan Ferry sings that way - it's kind of weird. I can't believe Jerry Hall left him for Mick Jagger. Ew. Wonder what Tom's doing right now... Two hours until I go get Bill... I hope he's not too grouchy after a day at camp. God, please help me be patient with him. I'm so tired... I'll be so glad to see him... Ewww... I really need a shower!"

I could go on forever. And believe me, in my mind, I do. Maybe when people went in to the movie "Tree of Life" they wanted just a story, and just weren't prepared to be inside someone's head. Or maybe they just didn't want to be inside such a sad person's head?! Maybe they would have preferred to be in ... well, I can't think of anyone who is always ONLY happy. I mean, unless I am mistaken, we're all pretty messy inside. Thank God for the beauty of the earth and the glory of the skies, then, right?


  1. Don't sweat it Julie; you're just fine. Nice phenomenological description of the human mind.

  2. Thanks, Eric to the HP (we have one of those phrenology head statues on our mantel.)