Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes I have to Work

I wanted to write yesterday, but never had a window. Because I do, sometimes, if I'm lucky, have work to do. I'm a graphic designer, see, though through no machinations of my own - sheerly by the grace of God.

I studied journalism in college, then did a short stint as a reporter, followed by a shorter stint as a typestter... then Macs changed everything. I learned how to use one, and grew with the technology – finally going freelance once I had my kid. I do know my way around a Mac, if I do say so myself. I can make you a magazine, an ad, a newspaper, a logo, a brochure, a business card, a vehicle wrap, a billboard, a menu... For a reasonable fee, and not much aggravation, I can satisfy all your print design needs. I can even have it translated into Spanish.

I am very fast, very easy to get along with, and will give you no attitude or artistic temperament. Because I love what I do... Each piece is like a beautiful puzzle. There is an order to it, and it can look good; I just have to find the David in the block of marble and cut away everything else.

I love working at home... Being able to be there when my son needs me, to exercise during the day, to start dinner, to make and take personal calls, to structure my own time... because when I worked in an office I always just wanted to go home. No matter how great the atmosphere  was, no matter how great the people were – and I've worked with some great people. Smart, strong, hilarious men and women... even a couple of bona fide comedians... I still just did my work with one eye on the clock.

And  I'm so thankful for my clients. I really do love them. They are so kind to me, and show me a great deal of grace. Because of PDFs and email, I haven't met most of them. I have clients in Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland... They are fun to talk to, with their own fascinating stories. My Maryland client writes a children's poetry blog... One woman publishes a holistic health magazine as a means of sharing her Christian witness.

Some of my best clients are a husband and wife team. The wife is sweet – a dynamic salesperson, and very focused and meticulous. The husband is a free-spirited Frenchman who used to be a sound engineer for reeeeeeally famous bands. He's drunk brandy with Keith Moon, discussed song meanings with Pete Townshend and hung out with Bette Midler. I'm not kidding - mention any band and he'll say (in a French accent, of course), "Oh I know them. I worked with them at ... blah blah blah." At first I thought he might be exaggerating, but then he posted the picture (on the right) on Facebook of himself sitting behind Todd Rundgren in a recording studio. He also posted a link to a hilarious video of himself as a teenager dancing in an early French music video... Check it out:,les-filles-d-aujourd-hui,srqu3.html (his daughter's comment: "Dad, don't ever dance like that again.")

Anyway, I didn't write yesterday because I had to work.

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  1. Remember when we saw Todd at the concert for the children with u2? was that 1983? a lifetime ago... and 6 months or so before we knew each other!