Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, I made the mistake yesterday of drinking a strong glass of iced tea late in the afternoon. Then, of course I was up for a good part of the night with my brain just churning over my new adventure - this blog. What's it going to be about? What's it NOT going to be about? There are a lot of places to go, and a lot of places that are best avoided, right?

I mean, I want to be honest, but I am also kind of nervous about offending people. And as a Christian, I am sure to offend someone. I am old enough to know that no matter how laid back a Christian you are, someone is going to be offended.
I am a middle child (more or less - 2nd of 5), which means I am a pleaser and a peacemaker. I had sort of a rocky high school experience which means I try a little harder to get people to like me, and just that much more thrilled when they do. So what happens if, in striving for honesty and authenticity, I piss someone off? Start a flame war?

So I'm lying in bed thinking all this (in between watching episodes of News Radio on my iPad) and suddenly it comes to me:  "JULIE, NO ONE IS GOING TO READ YOUR STUPID BLOG!!" What a load off my mind!!

I took a class once in church that did lots of personality tests - Meyers Briggs, etc. and interest tests - in order to determine what kind of ministry you should be involved in. At the end of the class each person had a consultation with the teacher, who was supposed to give you clear direction about how to apply yourself. Well, to my great disappointment - and relief - the teacher said, "You just need to be yourself." 

What could be easier?! And what could be harder?! Well, easy and hard, that's what you're going to get. Or not. Because no one is reading this, right?

But if anyone is, just so they won't think they've completely wasted their time, I'm throwing in a photo of my seven-year-old son Bill, who is NEVER a waste of time!


  1. Hi Julie, I am a friend of Grace Aaron. I like your blog so keep writing. You might find mine interesting although not nearly so well written. It is at

  2. Thanks, Tim - i'll check it out!