Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Always Christmas in Connecticut

I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things... being a mom, being a wife, owning my own business, being a designer, being a Christian, being a friend... but am not sure how to organize them into a continuous blog. I'm not sure it's even necessary, but I still think about it. Enough that I feel I ought to try it.

Read it, or don't - it'll be fun for me anyway. I used to write a food column which actually had readership. Which was funny because at the time I was single and lived in a studio apartment with very little cooking equipment - just like Barbara Stanwyck in that movie Christmas in Connecticut. I just wrote it because the paper I worked for had the need - and I love to write. In any case, the column didn't primarily turn out to be about food anyway. It was mostly about my family and friends and just happened to include recipes. If you're looking for recipes here, maybe you will find an occasional how-to... Mostly you will just get my random thoughts.

Who am I? Well, see above - mom, wife, graphic designer, Christian, freak. If you have read this far, well, thanks... there wasn't much to it. I'll save that for next time. This is more of an intro, as it were. So.... pleased to meet you!

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